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Pergola & Gazebo Builders

Building a pergola, gazebo, or overhead trellis usually starts with one primary need – shade. The open lattice created by shade tubes on top of a pergola frame is designed for just that. Pergolas provide the exact amount of shade to turn your hot, bright patio into a relaxing breezy space to enjoy with family and friends. The other big reason our customers tell us they opt for pergolas is the way they look. Most pergola systems are designed to resemble backyard sculptures. Some accomplish this goal more completely than others, so choosing the right system is key.  We are happy to help from start to finish with your next pergola or gazebo project so call us today at  (239) 994-5900 for your free quote.

Pergola Patio Cover Benefits

Shade, good looks, and appropriate layout are the key factors when choosing how to install your new pergola. If these three key requirements are met, your new pergola with shade lattice will provide a permanent decorative fixture that will shade your patio in just the right way, while transforming your outdoor space into an outdoor living room. A great pergola system will also be maintenance-free, strong enough to last a lifetime, and include the little finishing touches that give the structure a sleek, clean appearance.

  • Extruded aluminum pergolas are by far the most modern and lowest-maintenance option. They also offer high-strength construction so they last virtually forever even in tough environments.
  • Wooden pergolas look great, they have that natural grain and texture that aluminum can’t quite duplicate. But like all wooden structures, they require a lot of maintenance. They have to be sealed, protected from termites, and painted every year to keep them looking their best. In addition, quality wood decks are usually expensive to build, and using cheap pressure-treated pine makes them look, well, cheap.
  • Roll-formed sheet metal pergolas, such as the “Aluminum Wood” type products that are all over the market are easy and inexpensive to install, but like most things, you get what you pay for. The thin rolled aluminum and embossed wood grain don’t come close to approximating wood grain, and their low-quality paint finish ages quickly, requiring constant repainting and maintenance. They simply are not good investments.

3G carries a full line of patio roofs, gazebos, and other structures. One is sure to be right for your home.   Learn more about what we can do for you and get your free quote today.


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